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Single 4.2V 500mA small size Lithium charge management IC
Also supplied as
2YL6, H1JC, 54B4, G5242
Constant current / constant voltage linear charger chip, primarily for single-cell Li-ion battery charging
Using the SOT23 small package and minimal number of external components, ideal for portable equipment
No external sense resistor, and at the same time due to the internal MOSFET structure, so no external reverse
The thermal feedback circuits so UN8HX can adjust the charge current to limit the chip temperature in high-
power and high ambient temperatures.
Charging voltage is fixed at 4.2V, charging current can be set by an external resistor. When reached, the float
voltage and the charging current falls to a set current of 1/10, UN8HX automatically terminates the charging
UN8HX features:
• Maximum programmable charge current of 800mA
• no external MOSFET, sense resistor, reverse diode
• constant current / constant voltage mode operation, with thermal protection
• single lithium battery charging via USB port
• preset charge voltage with an accuracy of 1%
• Standby mode 25A current consumption
• 2.9 V trickle charge voltage
• soft-start
• SOT23 package

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